2018 Okeechobee Music & arts festival Sign-up

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We are excited to begin preparations for our 2018 festival season, and are looking forward to providing the on-site medical services once again to the Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, this coming March 1 - 4, 2018.

Registration is now open for all Florida-certified EMT & Paramedics. We are also hiring Florida-licensed Physicians and Registered Nurses. 

Completing this form just provides us with your availability. DO NOT change your schedules at your primary jobs, or make travel arrangements until you have been confirmed by our scheduling department. 

Travel and lodging expenses will not be provided and are your responsibility to arrange if you are scheduled. 

event information

OMF18 is a round-the-clock operation, and in order to provide the appropriate coverage to the event, we will split each date into 12-hour shifts. Please make sure to check off ONLY the shifts you can actually work. The times listed are still subject to change slightly, so please keep that in mind when checking off options.

Priority will be given to staff who has worked this event in the past with ParaDocs. We will also give priority to staff that indicate they can work multiple shifts during the event.

This is a camping festival is rural Central Florida. Keep in mind that commuting to the festival site can be very difficult, especially on Thursday and Monday. There is a staff campground, and staff is encouraged to stay on-site to make reporting for shifts easier. Staff showers and catering are provided. 

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