My Biggest Career Regret I Wish I Could Go Back and Change

We all make bad career choices at one time or another. However, some choices are more serious than others and can have a far-reaching impact. If you have some career regrets, you’re not alone.

Roughly 41% of employees who didn’t combine their personal passions with their work regretted their career paths, according to a survey conducted by Philips North America. On the other hand, just 23% of workers who were able to do so regretted their paths. Another study from found a whopping 77% of workers have made career choices they regret.

The Cheat Sheet asked a few professionals to tell us about the biggest regrets they’ve had. Here are some career regrets folks wished they could go back and change. Do you have any of the same regrets? 

Alex Pollak, our CEO, provided the following quote to Cheat Sheet:

I spent so much time working toward my MBA in finance and pursuing a career in finance that I put off doing what I really loved, which was helping people. I have been an EMT for years and always loved that but didn’t see it as a full-time job until an opportunity presented itself, which led to me start my own company, ParaDocs Worldwide. I won’t call it a regret, though, because the things I learned while studying finance and during my short-lived career I use today when running my business. I just wish I had been bold enough to pursue my passion sooner.

If you have a passion for something, pursue it. Your passion and your full-time position don’t have to be mutually exclusive. It’s possible to combine the two, as is evidenced by the company I started. Forge your own path. Don’t follow the one carved out for you.

Alex Pollak, CEO and founder of ParaDocs Worldwide

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